August 30, 2012

August Moon Treasury

August Moon

Another wonderful treasury by Farburvur!  Make sure you check out her Etsy shop, too!

August 29, 2012


Stephanie Hannon lives in Tokyo where she searches the markets for vintage Japanese textiles. Her business, FurugiStar, embraces the concept of 'yu yo no bi' - beauty in practicality, and 'mottainai' - no waste.  Explore her wide range of treasures in her Etsy shop!

August 28, 2012

TAFA Search on Etsy

Have you searched for TAFA on Etsy?  Our members tag their products with "tafa" so that if you entere that in the search bar, you will get results showcasing our TAFA member products.  It's turned into quite the amazing selection!  We now have over 2,300 TAFA items and they are absolutely beautiful!  That's 58 pages of results!

Etsy used to be a great place to find handmade eye candy and it still is, but because sellers are not juried in, there is a lot to weed through before you find the treasures.  Increasingly, we see poorly photographed products along with commercial supplies and "vintage" which may not even be really vintage...  

TAFA members are vetted in based on their professionalism, quality of product, and how they fit into our mission.  If you are looking for textiles, fiber art, and handmade fiber supplies, then you can take a short cut and go straight to the best on Etsy: our TAFA Team!  

Notice that the sidebar allows you to filter the results, too.  Happy shopping!

August 25, 2012

Grey Days of Autumn Treasury

Beautiful treasury focusing in grey or gray (depending on how YOU spell it!).  Click on the image to visit the treasury.  Made by Farburvur yesterday and it looks like one item is already gone.  You better hurry!

August 24, 2012


Anya Kiel of Wisconsin, USA, describes her soft sculptures:

"Farburvur, my Etsy shop, is a collection of creatures, art dolls, objects, and other miscellanea. I love working with different fabrics and textures, picking up new techniques along the way and incorporating them in my designs. When I'm looking for inspiration I often reflect on things like symbology, folklore, and mythology. If I'm not in the studio or burying my nose in a book I'm at the park, out in nature, observing the world around me."

August 9, 2012

Cindy's Color Chat: Wonky Purple Circles

Wonky Purple Circle Pillow  cindygrisdela

Purple is sometimes a great supporting color to help others shine, especially when paired with colors opposite on the color wheel. Known as a "split complementary" color scheme, the idea is to pick two colors opposite each other, like purple and yellow, and then use the two colors on either side of the secondary color.

So I choose purple to be the dominant color in the pillow above and yellow as the secondary complement. Then I used a lime green which is next to yellow on one side and an orange gold which could be next to yellow on the other side. Those are the colors which really catch your eye in the wonky circle pillow. Of course I always throw in a variety of other colors as well, red and green are complements, as are blue and orange.

It sounds more complicated than it actually is--when in doubt, just use colors that balance each other--a mix of strong color and more supportive ones. There's no color police to come and say you did it wrong--if it works for you, it works!

Let's see what other TAFA members on Etsy have done with purple and its complements:

Fairy Masterpiece Nuno Felt Vest ArianeMariane

Tropical Fruit Salad Wrap WrapturebyInese

Woven Boho Chic Bowl kbuchheit

Elena Rosenberg Featured on REFINERY29!

Congratulations to Elena Rosenberg, chosen by REFINERY29 as one of the 50 cool finds on Etsy made NYC!  

And shop from her on Etsy!