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Our TAFA Team members belong to TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List.  About half of our members have shops on Etsy, over 230 as of September 2012.  That translates into over 2,800 products or 71 pages on Etsy's TAFA search.  Click to visit.  Truly beautiful and inspiring!

Members each have a post on this blog which links you to their member profile on our main site.  There you will find a bio and links to their sites, blogs, and social media hubs.  Do visit their pages and learn more about them.  You can search for your areas of interest on this blog by clicking on the TOPICS links on the left sidebar.  This serves as an index for finding things here.  When you reach the bottom of the page, click on Older Posts to see more.

We hope that you will love what we are doing and shop from us!  Your support allows us to continue to develop our techniques and product lines.  Many of us help keep ancient techniques alive and are committed to the environment and to the highest of standards.  TAFA Members are vetted in based on the quality of their products, their professionalism and their good hearts!  So, when you shop with us, you are spreading that love.

Here is a taste of what we offer:


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