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TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership organization that seeks to find new markets for its members using social media and other networking tools.  About half of our members are also Etsy sellers.  We aim to become THE destination for the best source of fiber art, textiles and related needle arts on Etsy.

TAFA Team Leaders:
Contact the following Team Leaders with questions or ideas.  Their names are linked to their TAFA member profiles where you can choose to contact them via Etsy, their website, facebook or other venue they provide.

Team Page Manager (Etsy Mini):  CindyRQuilts

Savvy Seller Cafe:  Christine Marie Ford
Blog Writers:
   Rayela Art
   Susan Hinckley
   Christine Marie Ford 
Blog Design:  Rayela Art

TAFA Founder:  Rayela Art

The TAFA Team's Mission:

Our by-line is: The Textile and Fiber Art List on Etsy.  This means that we endorse TAFA's overall mission (below) and that we are members of TAFA.  We have three main goals:
  • To help our Etsy sellers reach a larger market and thus increase their sales.  This blog is our main promotional tool, but we also implement other marketing strategies for the group.
  • To help each other grow and improve our shops, marketing abilities, and product development.  In order to achieve this, we have set up a Mentor Program where veteran Etsy shops adopt "newbie" ones and help them problem solve when needed.  We also hold critique sessions where photos, shop appearance and our social media tools can be examined and constructively critiqued by our peers.
  • To grow and build on TAFA's inner community.  Through the common goal of improving and marketing our Etsy shops, we also strive to create real relationships within our group, even if they are limited to the internet experience.  We hope that sometime in the future, we will meet each other in real life!

None of this is possible without also furthering a relationship with those who support us: our customers, promoters and the people around the world who have committed to buy handmade.  Our Etsy shops represent small businesses who are passionate about what they do.  We commit the following to you: excellent customer service, timely shipments, fair pricing, truthful descriptions of our products, and hopefully some fun along the way.  We thank you for your support!

TAFA's Mission:

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List is a membership based organization that seeks to access larger markets for its members by using social media and other web based opportunities.  Members include working artists, textile businesses, galleries, suppliers and other fiber/textile people who have an established web presence.

Our common connection weaves us together: a love for textiles and fiber art. 

New and old, traditional and contemporary, TAFA embraces inclusiveness of the world market.  Members are selected based on quality of work, having a professional web presence and value added to the group.  TAFA targets seasoned working artists and businesses that represent cultural textiles, especially those using green or recycled materials.

TAFA is about product.  All of us on Etsy have something to sell.  We represent quality, innovation, a sensitivity to the environment, an interest in the world, and an enthusiasm for the historical connection contemporary artists have to those who have passed before us.  Our materials include cloth, yarn, thread, dyes, an infinite assortment of needles, machines, scissors, and other supplies.  We represent old and new, traditional and contemporary.  Some of us recycle what was destined for landfills.  Some of us are working artists while others represent projects in disadvantaged areas of the world.  Together, our products speak about the world we live in.

TAFA is about people.  We live all over the world.  We are black, white, pink, brown, and some may have green or purple hair.  We are women and men who believe that a small business can make a difference.  We are passionate about our work and hope that you will share in that enthusiasm.  We are people who understand that our work is part of a larger community where we need buyers and supporters to keep us going.  Visit our shops, get to know us, interact with us.  We are all part of this beautiful world; a wonderful tapestry of languages, customs, traditions, innovation, creative thought and a love for the fabric that binds us together.


Please share our blog with your family and friends.  Visit our Etsy shops and our TAFA website for more wonderful work.  We love comments, so please feel free to let us hear your voice.  We thank you for your support.

Interested in joining TAFA?  Click here for membership info.

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TAFA and its projects are copyrighted by Rayela Art.

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