January 27, 2014

Retiring our TAFA Team Blog

Those of you who run around keeping up with social media know how much work it is to keep content coming, especially when you have a bunch of different sites to maintain. The original purpose of this blog was to give a common platform for our members who enjoy blogging, to tell their stories, make announcements and write about what they thought might interest you, our audience.

It never took off. They are too busy keeping up with their own posts and shops and social media demands. Four years after launching this blog, what gets posted here is basically an announcement of new shops that have joined us, duplicating what we do on our main blog. We would love to have you keep following us there or on our other social media sites. You can sign up for blog updates on the sidebar and then scroll down and you will see our links to our other places.

We also hope that you will continue to support our handmade textiles, fiber art, supplies and related products in our Etsy shops. Shop TAFA!  

Bookmark that link and check back often to see what is new as we have over 4,000 products there on a normal day.

We also invite you to visit our new sister site, Artizan Made, which is affiliated with but separate from TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List.

There you will find curated handmade work, both from our TAFA members and from new shops whom we will be representing. Most of them also sell on Etsy. 

Who knows? Maybe we'll be back here in time, but for now, we need to scale down on what is repetitive and focus on where our time is best served. Thanks to all of you who have followed us here and we hope to see you over there!

December 27, 2013

Mariposa Handwovens

Mariposa Handwovens

Vicki Hedrick of Mariposa Handwovens has been weaving for over 30 years and is still in love with the process of creating fabric from thread! She lives in Carlinville, Illinois (USA) and has a nicely stocked shop on Etsy. Her business name, Mariposa, means butterfly in Spanish. She often finds her inspiration in Nature, experimenting with texture and color through the use of novelty yarns and the weaving patterns she uses.

Visit and connect with her on TAFA: http://www.tafalist.com/members/mariposa-handwovens

December 11, 2013

Bear Creek Felting

bear creek felting wild animals

Bear Creek Felting

Teresa Perleberg lives in North Dakota and has her own flock of sheep. She uses their wool, dyes the colors she needs and also purchases or trades with other wool dealers when she needs other fibers. She mostly needle felts wild animals but also has an interest in farm animals and has a whimsical line of cute snowmen and other smiling critters. She has her work and kits available on Etsy and on her website.

December 1, 2013

Feuer Und Wasser

Feuer Und Wasser

Yekaterina Mokeyeva of Feuer Und Wasser is originally from Russia, now living in San Francisco, USA. A master felter, she finds her inspiration in Nature, encouraging humans to live in harmony with it instead of competing against it. 

Visit her profile to learn more: 

November 30, 2013

Cape Cod Shibori

Rachel Switzer of Cape Cod Shibori has had many interests within the textile field, with shibori dyeing her current focus. She has a shop on Etsy where she offers fabric for other artists along with finished pillows, runners and other finished home accessories. 
Rachel recently shared her home with us in our Decorating with Textiles Series, so make sure to take a look at that, too. It’s lovely!

November 7, 2013


Nisa Kiley named her business Fabrics of Nature because that is where she finds her inspiration! Her quilts are richly textured and worked, coming alive with light and shadow, shape and context. She often finishes them off with a piece of driftwood to hang them, a perfect complement.

Nisa is from Hereford in the UK and we invite you to visit her profile and connect with her there:

TAFA Profile

October 31, 2013


Dawn McCarthy of Bewove is a Manchaster, England transplant who has made her home in New Jersey, USA. She teaches weaving in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area and at the Newark Museum of Art. Her weavings, made into functional accessories for both body and home, explore complex designs like damask, multi-harness weaving and combining elements of surface design and the structural elements of creating cloth.

Learn more about Dawn on TAFA:

October 27, 2013

Caroline Brown Art Textiles

Soft colors, minimalism, stitching pathways through cloth... We have a new profile up on TAFA! Caroline Brown Art Textiles is a new member from the UK. She has a shop on Etsy and sells through her website as well. Poetic work!

October 7, 2013

Arty Moods

Tia O'Connor's journals are inspired by her surroundings in Ireland and literature. Originally from Romania, she comes from a musical background and currently works as a translator and interpreter. Her Arty Moods creations pay homage to this creative past, present and future!

Learn more about her on TAFA!

September 30, 2013

Quick2Listen Fiber Art by Jeannie Sredl

Quick2Listen Fiber Art

Jeannie Sredl of Chicago, Illinois (USA) creates art quilts that explore color and texture, often through Nature themes. Her pieces often play with boundaries, going out of the "box", hanging in free forms rather than the traditional square shape. 

Connect with Quick2ListenFiberArt on TAFA:http://www.tafalist.com/members/quick2listenfiberart