January 27, 2014

Retiring our TAFA Team Blog

Those of you who run around keeping up with social media know how much work it is to keep content coming, especially when you have a bunch of different sites to maintain. The original purpose of this blog was to give a common platform for our members who enjoy blogging, to tell their stories, make announcements and write about what they thought might interest you, our audience.

It never took off. They are too busy keeping up with their own posts and shops and social media demands. Four years after launching this blog, what gets posted here is basically an announcement of new shops that have joined us, duplicating what we do on our main blog. We would love to have you keep following us there or on our other social media sites. You can sign up for blog updates on the sidebar and then scroll down and you will see our links to our other places.

We also hope that you will continue to support our handmade textiles, fiber art, supplies and related products in our Etsy shops. Shop TAFA!  

Bookmark that link and check back often to see what is new as we have over 4,000 products there on a normal day.

We also invite you to visit our new sister site, Artizan Made, which is affiliated with but separate from TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List.

There you will find curated handmade work, both from our TAFA members and from new shops whom we will be representing. Most of them also sell on Etsy. 

Who knows? Maybe we'll be back here in time, but for now, we need to scale down on what is repetitive and focus on where our time is best served. Thanks to all of you who have followed us here and we hope to see you over there!

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