April 17, 2011

TAFA Market Focus: Asian Art And Quilts

"Yellow Birds Among the Cherry Blossoms", Detail, Art Quilt by Barbara Harms of Asian Art And Quilts

TAFA is having its first public event during the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah.  We are excited to introduce TAFA to the public at large and are hoping to raise funds for our new website.   We have a silent auction and raffle, both available to online participants and a member exhibit and vendors.   These are ways in which you can donate to support our efforts.  This blog will feature the works and vendors during the time leading up to our show.  You can see all of the TAFA Market posts in one place by clicking on this link

Today's TAFA Market focus zooms in on:

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"Yellow Birds Among the Cherry Blossoms", Detail, Art Quilt by Barbara Harms of Asian Art And Quilts, 38"x21", (A similar one will be in the show), $400.
These birds on a blooming branch could be anywhere here in Paducah right now, except replace the cherry trees for dogwoods.  They are everywhere and in full bloom right now, a shame because the blossoms will probably be gone by the time our TAFA Market and the Quilt Show take place at the end of the month.

Barbara Harms, the artist behind this beautiful quilt, excels at translating nature themes to fabric.  Coming from a background in painting, she now uses fabric, dyes and stitches as her brush.  She often uses silk, dyeing and painting backgrounds, appliqueing elements, and then finishing off with graceful quilting.  

"Two Sunflowers", Detail, by Barbara Harms, 38"x22", $375

"Two Sunflowers" by Barbara Harms
Barbara captures movement so well in her pictorial pieces.  You can almost envision growth, wind, sun, and warmth in the work.  The translucent qualities of her dyes along with the detailed quilting, thread work, and appliqueing all come together into a snapshot of a moment, caught still in the action.

Barbara is prolific and has a shop full of choices on Etsy.  Do take a look at the widget at the bottom of this post, click and visit.  She will have several pieces in our TAFA Market, and I can't wait to see them in real life!

When Barbara speaks about her work, she says that color is her driving force.  She explores many different styles and also likes to work with abstract designs, but color is her constant.  I would add that her quilting also contributes greatly to the texture and feel of her pieces.  I've seen many quilts that have good designs, but because they are not quilted well, the piece just looks unfinished and bare.  Barbara's quilting is dense and completes the design.  Solid.

Melting Rainbow is an example of Barbara's more abstract pieces.  It's hard to see the details in these images, but if you look closely, you should be able to see that the quilting replicates the shapes of the appliqued pieces, creating an echo of form, repeated over and over.

The image on the left shows the full length of Melting Rainbow, while the one on the right is a detail.  42"x13.5", $275.

Barbara has been very active on our TAFA Team.  She is a regular contributor to this blog and especially enjoys interviewing other art quilters.  You will find most of her posts under the tag, "Art Quilts".  I am especially grateful for her joyous enthusiasm!

Barbara, native of Las Vegas, lives in Oregon, a green state teeming with nature.  I am sure that her inspiration comes from a full life brimming over with an interest in all that is around her.  Barbara shows determination in teaching herself new technical skills, both in her art and in technology.  It is a joy having her on board!

Here are a couple more quilts of Barb's which will be shown at our TAFA Market:

"Sunflower Garden" by Barbara Harms, 36"x 20.5", $375

"Under the Cherry Tree", by Barbara Harms, 35"x17", $350

If you are not coming to Paducah for our TAFA Market or the AQS Show, but would like to purchase one of Barb's pieces pictured here, email me.  We can ship it to you after the show.  Meanwhile, also explore Asian Art And Quilts on Etsy:  

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  1. Thanks for the the lovely feature on my art quilts. I know that TAFA Market will be filled with so many wonderful items. Please Rayela take lots of pictures for us poor things who can't attend.


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