October 25, 2010


Sometimes it's fun to note how your work progresses.  Small refinements are made, new techniques are learned and utilized, mistakes are noted and grown from.  I was noticing this the other day as I considered one of my recurring images.  I call her "Flower Pot Head Lady," and she's been a staple in my studio for several years now.

From my initial sketch of the idea:

grew this, my very first wool piece:

"Fertile Ground", 2004,  Susan M. Hinckley

Over the years, the drawing has been refined:

And so have the embroidered pieces:

"Cultivating", 2005, Susan M. Hinckley

"Grow", 2007, Susan M. Hinckley

"Grow," 2009, Susan M. Hinckley

But then, I guess that's always been her message:  GROW.

I'll be interested to see how she grows next . . .

Susan M. Hinckley

Small Works in Wool


  1. It's amazing how she grows! Love your work it's so fresh and joyful!

  2. Merci! Of course I immediately checked out your work as well. Beautiful! Seeing what other people create is one of the great joys in life, don't you think?

  3. It's so great that you have that original drawing. You can really see the maturation process, both in the idea and in your command of the materials with each piece.

    I had to laugh when I saw these because I worked a similar concept a long time ago through clay. I was in a studio where classes were taught and the beginners always started with small vessels that were either a vase or an ashtray. So, I made a series of large sculptures that had a place at the top for a plant. People would ask, "Is that a sculpture?" and I would answer, "Oh, no. It's a vase." I thought I was so clever...

  4. Beautiful with such a bright energy! Love your work!

  5. So interesting to see this idea evolution, Susan! Love those pursed lips in the original drawing, and curious that you've not embroidered the words "fertile ground" in any of the versions. A great demonstration why artists don't leave an idea after the first go, but challenge themselves to create numerous visions. You've just inspired my next blog post here!


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