September 19, 2011

Namibian Elephant Stamps

"Out of the Dust" by Sue Gombus

Can you believe this is a drawing?  Artist Sue Gombus describes the scene:

"I was trying to sketch the wildlife around a water hole in Etosha National Park in Namibia when a dust devil came through, making visibility very poor. Suddenly, this Namibian giant came right out of the dust as though running away from or toward something. Namibian elephants are some of the largest in Africa, but because of the poor mineral content in the soil, also have some of the smallest tusks."

Visit her page on Artists for Conservation.
Our own Oshiwa Designs also capture the Namibian elephants through their carved wooden stamps:

These stamps can be used on fabric and paper or pressed into clay or soap.  Oshiwa has 162 wonderful stamps and sets listed, so go there and take a gander!  When not in use, these stamps are so beautiful that they are little pieces of art that you can display with pride.

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