December 4, 2011

Cindy's Color Chat - Red and Green Snails

"Snails in the Garden" quilted wall hanging Cindy Grisdela 

Red can be an intense color to use, especially if you pair it with its complement on the color wheel, green. The interplay between the two colors can really make a piece sing! Of course red is one of the three primary colors--the others are blue and yellow. Primary colors are the ones that are used in combination to make many other colors--red and blue make purple, for example.

Often we think of green and red in combination as the colors we most often see during the holiday season. In the quilted wall hanging above, I used a strong combination of greens and reds, but because the greens run to the yellow side and the reds run to the orange side, it doesn't have a holiday feel. This piece instead felt like spring to me--it's called "Snails in the Garden" because the circular blocks in the center are a play on the traditional "Snails's Trail" quilt pattern. 

Here's a look at some red and green offerings from TAFA Etsy Team members, some holiday, some not.

Zipper Flower Brooch, SallyManke

Red/Green quilt, bbusbyarts

Tabasco Scarf Hot Wrap Cowl, WrapturebyInese  

Holiday Elves Wall Hanging, castillejacotton

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