May 17, 2012

Cindy's Color Chat - Bright Modern Dots

"Lots of Dots" quilted wall hanging - Cindy Grisdela
How can we use color choices to make fiber work feel more contemporary? Brights with black and white accents is a good place to start. There's something about the crisp contrast and the pop of color that creates a modern feeling.

"Lots of Dots" takes a traditional quilt pattern often known as Monkey Wrench and makes it more modern by using bright novelty fabrics in yellow, green, blue, orange, purple and pink for the triangles set against dark white on black blocks. The lighter black on white in the background and sashing make the blocks seem to float.

The colors are strong and saturated to hold their own against the black and white, plus there are several different pinks, yellows and greens used, for example, to help move the eye around the work and make it visually more appealing. The lighter background then gives the eye a place to rest.

Let's look at a few images from other TAFA artists on Etsy using this idea:

Art card Zentangle Flower - DEsignedByDianeEvans

Art Quilt Wall Hanging - TerryAskeArtQuilts

Dragonfly Quilted Wall Hanging - castillejacotton 

Coiled Rope Basket Bowl - SallyManke

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