September 22, 2010

A Batik Wedding by Susan Itkin

The bride and groom surrounded by 
my batik wall hangings and scarves.

This past spring I had an exhibit of my batik wall art and scarves at the Maurice M. Pine Public Library Gallery in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. I have had several library exhibits over the years, but this particular gallery space is very unique for a library; it was actually set up to be gallery, not an afterthought in a library hallway or foyer. The gallery is quite large, has many white walls at angles, and can be viewed not only at eye level, but also from the balcony above.

A wedding surrounded by batik.

The woman who manages the gallery was extremely helpful setting up the show. An artist herself, and experienced with the gallery, she had great ideas (like draping my scarves on pieces of tree brances) and hung the show beautifully.

 View of the library and the batik show from the balcony.

One day when I stopped by to check in on the show, someone said to me, "Have you seen the photos of the wedding that was held in the gallery?"   Wow - I was so surprised and flattered that a couple I didn't even know - friends of the library director - wanted to be surrounded by my batik for their wedding ceremony. A few weeks later I heard that they stopped by the gallery, where another exhibit had replaced mine, and they asked what had happened to "their" exhibit! Very cool.

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