September 21, 2010

Oshiwa Designs: Hand Carved Wooden Stamps for Fabric, Paper or Clay

So many of our TAFA members engage themselves in the fascinating exploration of surface design and manipulation.  What that means is that dyes, resists, discharge and other processes are used to bond with fabrics, changing how it looks in color and feel.  Fabric can also be sewn, torn, distressed and shaped in infinite ways to achieve the desired look.  Those members, surely, could use some Oshiwa stamps to add to their collection of tools for their surface design exploits.

 Oshiwa Textile Stamp

Oshiwa is a small carving workshop in Namibia.  Although they offer several products, the ones available in their Etsy shop are carved textile stamps like the one in the photo.  The designs are African inspired and one of a kind.  I have been working with the Oshiwa Team and am their rep here in the United States.  I suggested that they make multiples of the same stamp to make it easier on the retail end and save time.  "No way!"  That would rob them of their creative process.  So, although similar themes run through the stamps, no two are really alike.

 The Oshiwa Namibia Carving Team

Although to our TAFA group and peers, printing on fabric seems like the natural way to use the stamps, they also work on paper and can be imprinted into anything soft, like clay or soap.  They are also beautiful simply as art in their own right.

Oshiwa uses wood from a renewable project in Ghana.  You will find more information on Oshiwa and how to use the stamps in the shop's profile.  The stamps are available as singles or as sets (priced at a 15% discount).  Shipping is international.  Support a wonderful group by purchasing some of their wonderful stamps!

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