February 23, 2011

Celebrating Black History Month with TAFA Talent

Black History month is celebrated during February in the United States.  A time when we can honor all the contributions that those of African descent have made to this country, we review history and how it has shaped our lives.  Some of it has been dark with struggles and blood shed.  But, there also has been music, dance, food, politics, and a forward movement towards inclusiveness and equality.

America has been described as the great experiment.  We are a melting pot of cultures.  If we can survive and shed our biases, we might be able to carve the path towards a more harmonious world.  Whatever our ethnicity or cultural heritage, I believe that we live in a fascinating time where we can pick and choose what we bring into our lives.  Our challenge: to break the cycles of violence, to keep what is worthwhile, and to throw away what is hurtful.

Here is a treasury I made in honor of the Africa in our lives:  Click!
The products are not necessarily made by TAFA members of African descent, but spoke to me of the African spirit.

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