February 2, 2011

CraftGossip, A Great Resource for Etsy Crafters

Are you familiar with CraftGossip?  Their editors are charged with finding what is going on in the craft world, offering daily snippets that point to great tutorials, trends, new products and whatever else is happening on the web.  Denise Felton, editor of the Needlework section, has been a staunch supporter of my doings for years now.  She just posted a nice bit on TAFA's first birthday. 

Developing a relationship with CraftGossip is a good business move, especially if you have an Etsy shop.  Take a look at the different editors and see what they focus on, find the one that best fits you and introduce yourself.  They are always looking for new material to post and will guide you on how to go about making your news their news.

Thanks to both Denise and CraftGossip for such steady support!

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