July 3, 2011

Using Acrylic Inks for Fabric Painting

My latest art quilt, a little different?

By Barbara Harms/Asian Art And Quilts

I promised to share my impressions of the new acrylic inks when I got a chance to use them. They arrived in the mail and Hot Dog was I excited! I played around with them for a bit and decided I was ready to jump into a real piece.

This quilt was the result of my experimentation with the new acrylic inks. When I saw the results, I knew these would be a fun new addition to my tool chest of art mediums to work with.

I’ll give you my impressions, but if anyone else has had some experience, jump in with your comments

I loved how the ink flowed on, when applied as a wet on wet wash, making unique shapes and designs. I liked the resulting piece of silk so much that initially, I thought I’d just make a whole cloth abstract quilt with the fabric so I wouldn't cover any of it up. Just make a wholecloth abstract art quilt.

Once I really got going, I couldn’t rein myself in. I started silk painting items to applique . First the big snarled tree, it fit. Then what goes with an old gnarled tree? Certainly not bluebirds and butterflies. Well I thought and thought… CROWS! Of course or Ravens. SO it took on a life of its own.

I must say I loved working with the inks. I mixed & matched them with my beloved Pebeo Seta paints. It worked fine, they’re both acrylics. The inks are very good for finer detailing I found. It was a good combination and I’m hooked! The inks dry faster. You can easily reapply more color over dried ink. They will bleed when applied onto dry fabric around them, but seem fine when reapplying over painted areas.

Give them a try, but remember that you still might need acrylic fabric paints to partner with them. Depending on your purpose.

I am already finding the, very useful. Hope this was helpful. If you want more info or want to ask more detailed questions check with me on my blog:


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  1. This is amazing. I just watched a video on painting on fabric. I really like this design


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