March 1, 2012

Cindy's Color Chat: Tangerine Color of the Year

Tangerine Dream quilted wall hanging - Cindy Grisdela

According to Panetone LLC, the color company, tangerine is the color of the year for 2012. Tangerine is spirited and energetic, the company says in the press release announcing its choice, and is growing in popularity among designers and buyers. It's definitely not a color for the faint of heart. Use it to create a splash of bold color on the wall or as as accessory--maybe a scarf or a bracelet. Tangerine can be an optimistic, hopeful color that draws attention to itself and its wearer.

In Tangerine Dream above, I used a variety of shades of orange, plus yellow, which of course is next to orange on the color wheel in the "warm" section. To add spice to the composition, I added touches of violet and red violet--opposite yellow and orange on the color wheel in the "cool" section. The combination of complementary colors and the irregularly cut shapes keep the eye moving around the piece. Variety is the key to making color interesting in your compositions--why use one shade of yellow or orange when you could use five or six!

See how other TAFA members use tangerine in their work:

Designer handwoven scarf - LoomOnTheLake

Abstract wall quilt - BarbaraHarmsFiberArt

Needlefelted Gecko Cuff - CloverleafFibreArt

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