October 26, 2010

Art Hash, A Great Resource for Artists

Fabric Photo Box by Fairytale Incorporated

One of our TAFA Team members, Lesa Werme of Fairtytale Incorporated, was recently interviewed on Art Hash, an online resource for artists which uses a blog format.  She announced it and I took a look.  "Hmmm....", me thinks to me self....  "I want to be on there, too."

It turns out that it's a pretty easy process.  The only thing that they ask for is that you follow the blog and spread the word, a fair exchange in my book.  Once you follow them, you send an email asking for the questions they use, they send it to you, you fill it out and return it and then they post it.  And, spreading the word about Art Hash is a pleasure as it really does have a lot to offer to artists and I hope it keeps growing.  Aside from the interviews, they list "Calls to Artists" by state and have other posts with info for artists.  So, if you want some publicity, go knock on their door and let them know you would like to be interviewed, too.  And, if you are a TAFA member, don't forget to plug us!

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