October 22, 2010

A room of my own, rituals and guardian angels

"A room of my own", Gilgulim's studio.

Before I unfold the secrets of my little home studio and invite you for a visit, I want to discuss another matter. I wish to share with you the need for ceremonies before we actually start working. I am quite sure that each one of us has his/her rituals that prepare us for the actual creative work. Take me for example: I cannot start working if the house is not more or less tidy and clean (do not mistake me for a cleanliness maniac, I am not!). Too much upside down makes me nervous and does not give me the peace of mind that I need. 

The same is true for my studio. If you look at my studio, you might not find it VERY tidy but it is MY order. I have to have all the materials and utensils within arms' reach and the white sheet of cloth I work on, needs to be clean from beads and left over fibers stuck on from the day before. And, I need quiet. The best time for me is when nobody is home or everybody is asleep.

Fabric straps ready do be used.
I have a tiny little studio into which I piled hundreds of neckties, a little white 1950's cupboard we found in the street and made into a lovely piece of furniture.  It is filled with textiles in all colors and shades, buttons, strings, beads and more. Opposite my desk, I have shelves containing little jars with beads divided by color, my jewelry utensils, materials that suit the season or my inspiration of the moment and three boxes of glass beads. On the big desk there are beads ready, waiting for their turn to be matched with other beads and the straps of materials I have already cut, and the actual product I am working on.
My IN THE SQUARE, STREET FASHION, FEATHER LYRICS, MATISSE and READY MADE collections of jewelry are stored in different drawers.  Sure, my laptop has a very important position on my right.  Do not forget the ironing board, ready to be used at all times.
Most important of all are my muses, my guardian angels: a little Indian marble Buddha head (mistaken for a grenade when I crossed the border from Jordan to Israel) and MAGALI OHIKA PEREZ's beautiful collage…. That was offered to me by her and is watching me while I am working (Magali's ETSY shop and her blog are worth your while visiting) .
The truth is that this conglomerate of materials and furniture does not leave much space to move around, but I feel great in this little room of my own.
What are you talking about?  Order in this tiny over stuffed little studio, Hagar?
Do not forget!  It is MY order that I am speaking about!
Do you have rituals too? Share them with us!

Fiber flakes I use for my Feather Lyrics earring collection.


  1. It's always fascinating for me to discover others's creative studio.
    I'm thrilled to dive in each details of the photo, objects witnesses or actors in the creative process: the diverses fabrics, colors, beads, threads, the tools,and the inspirational part reflected by the books and the art frames... Everything which makes the soul of a place!
    The presence of the golem of Prague in front of the young girl flying
    questions me on the relation between the masculin and the feminine reflected also when you see how a symbol of masculinity like the neckies are rehabilitated and transformed in the hands of Hagar in a beautiful symbol of feminity , the necklace!...Wonderful process!
    (hope my english is OK?...)

  2. This virtual studio tour is making me wish for an actual studio tour . . . followed by a large and festive luncheon with all of the fascinating people who inhabit these creative spaces. Who's going to let us peek in on their work space next?


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