January 21, 2011

Let's get together and feel all right

Vitrina- A cooperative artist's shop

Sometimes dreams come true. Than they are no dreams anymore and one has to work hard to make them live. The long way to get together and feel all right!
In October, I wrote a post about cooperation and my wish to create a cooperative of artists where I live.
On March 1st I am going to join VITRINA, a cooperative shop that will include eight artists; two ceramic artists, one fashion designer, two jewelers (including me), one soft recycled material artist and one who does great items for children. Another participant will curate and purchase items of artists outside the group.
Sharing expenses and working hours
This shop has been working for the last two years but is going to go through a dramatic change when doubling the number of participants at the beginning of March.
The basic idea of this cooperative is to share expenses such as  rent, advertisement, accounting, packaging as well as working hours at the shop. No incomes are shared.
The group gets together once a week in order to get to an approved agreement we are going to sign, share the shop's space between the artists, redecorate the shop and create display facilities for the changing needs and to get to know each other.
We are all very excited about this experience and believe our dream has come true.
Communicating in order to make a dream come true

Wish us luck!


  1. Hagar! This is so cool! It looks like a great space and I hope that all of you get along well and help build each other up.

    One display note (I know that you will be changing everything around), but the necklaces are way too high up. they need to be eye level or lower.

    Is this in that same area that you posted about before? I hope that you get good traffic! A big toast to all of you!

  2. I do wish you luck, sure it will be very successful

  3. The location where these necklaces are displayed is exactly where mine will be presented (decided last night). Sure I am going to change everything and create something more like me.
    I will shot new photographs once the change is completed!


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