January 12, 2011

Photography Tip for Online Sellers

So many of us are using Etsy or similar sites to sell our goods. If you read any advice on marketing your goods, the very first and most critical thing is to take good photos. You can learn a lot by just looking at sites that have appealing ways of photographing and displaying their goods. 

I've learned a lot by reading the blog by Tim Adam called Handmadeology. Tim is devoted to finding and sharing great advice on how to use Etsy effectively to market your goods. Tim posted a fantastic free app called FotoFuze .

Okay, so now there's really no excuse not to have great photos! I'm going to rework a bunch of mine. It looks like it will work mainly for those photographing smaller objects both 2D and 3D. There is a neat way to take 360 degree photos using a lazy susan - very cool.
I recommend his blog and check out his archives for everything Etsy.

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