August 29, 2011

And now . . . a bit of fun.

People say an awful lot of smart-sounding stuff about art.

And I'll admit that quite often, the smartest-sounding stuff makes me want to just scratch my head and say, "Huh?"

That's why I was absolutely delighted the day I stumbled across PIXMAVEN,
a handy-dandy tool that can make even the least sophisticated among us sound like true art professionals.

One merely types in any five digit number, and the phrase generator spits out a "pithy commentary or savvy insight"... capable of... "confounding friends and colleagues"... and..."dumbfounding professors and artists emeriti."

From a previous zip code, I got this:

"Although I am not a painter, I think that the subaqueous qualities of the figurative-narrative line-space matrix contextualize the inherent overspecificity."

How many times have I wished I said that?

Probably time to redo the old artist's statement.

Susan M. Hinckley
Small Works in Wool


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