August 30, 2011

Savvy Seller Café: Market Yourself For Free! Part I

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Sometimes the best marketing opportunities don’t cost a penny.  This is good news for artists on a budget aka yours truly.  Today’s online communities offer more opportunities than ever before!  Are you taking advantage? Here’s a handy checklist to add to your marketing toolbox. 

This is quite possibly the most effective free marketing opportunity I’ve used. If you need help setting up your page, talk to another TAFA member who’s done it already or ask a friend to show you the ropes. It’s reasonably straight forward, so don’t be intimidated.

2. Create a Blog Using Blogger
Start your own blog for free on Blogger! In fact, the blog you’re reading right now is a perfect example.  You don’t have to be very tech savvy or know html to make it look great.  If you haven’t started blogging yet, I recommend reading “Blogging All-In-One For Dummies” by Susan Gunelius. I just started my blog a few months ago and already I'm hooked.

3. Use Twitter
I resisted Twitter for a long time, but I finally signed up a few days ago. Essentially a micro-blogging tool, Twitter inspires conversation and relationship building. You can add links to your blog, shop or anything else you want to pass on. Simple and effective, it’s definitely worth a try! I'm a proud newbie @ChristineMFord.

4. Write for Popular Blogs
For a blog to be successful, frequent posts with great content are needed to build and keep up readership. Many popular blogs need guest writers to accomplish this.  If you decide to try guest writing, make sure that backlinks to your own website, blog or shop is allowed.
5. Comment on Other Blogs
When you follow or comment on other blogs, many will return the favor giving you more traffic and exposure.  When appropriate, leave a link for your website, blog or shop. Be very careful not to create spam.  If you leave a link be sure that it is relevant and useful.

This is just a small list of ideas to get you started. Check back next week for even more ideas!

What’s your favorite free online marketing strategy? Leave us a comment!

Creatively yours,

Next Week: Market Yourself for Free! Part II

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  1. Project Wonderful has been a good way to get the word out, too. You bid on placement, so you can get on free spots on blogs that are new or don't have enough traffic to charge a lot. I have a free spot on my blog,, as an example.


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