August 3, 2011

Search Improvements: A Chat with Etsy Staff & Engineers

By Barbara Harms, Asian Art and Quilts have got to hear this!

I watched this live stream on ETSY last night.I was really surprised with what I learned, I usually don't utilize ETSY labs as much as I could. This link is heavy from relevant information for anyone selling or buying on ETSY. I'm on a mission to share this with every ETSY shop keeper that I can. Search Improvements: A Chat with Etsy Staff & Engineers

For example...Do you know how the new ETSY relevancy search effects you and your customers? How does it compare with the default search? Do customers use it & what are they saying? What is the criteria for ranking? All this and more, answered right at the end of this link above.

1 comment:

  1. About time! Search has been horrible on Etsy for so long. It was interesting to hear how they are improving it. I still wish that all three types of listings (handmade, vintage and supplies) were given equal weight in search. Right now it defaults to handmade which is not good for those of us who sell vintage or supplies.


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