November 18, 2010

"Baby it's Hot Outside!" An Etsy Holiday in Warm Climates

"Our House" by DEsignedByDianeEvans

By Hagar Arnon Elbaz of GILGULIM

Oh yes! Tomorrow it is going to be 84F/29C. Don't misunderstand me; officially, it is winter here now as we are part of the northern part of the globe. So when I came back today from sailing in the Mediterranean that was as calm as a mirror and read Etsy's mail of HOLIDAY SPECTRUM, I got really frustrated.
The spectrum consists of snow white, peppermint, ice blue, silver and gold and wintergreen. What are you talking about? Snow? Ice? Winter?  Just remind me what that means!
I try to imagine the fire burning in the fireplace, trees naked from all leaves, scarves, frizzing air in your nostrils. Thank God that I have passed a winter in Paris so I can get the picture…
After three months of seeing only witches and orange color around Etsy for a holiday celebrated only in America, now everything turns white, ice blue and wintergreen (oh, I forgot the red…). And I do ask myself if all Americans turn into little red riding hoods during this season.
I am just joking!
But then I look at my shop and I hardly find anything that corresponds with the colors mentioned. Does it mean people will just ignore my shop during the holiday season? Should I rush into my studio and start looking for the right materials to change the collection? But I have been working so hard! Poor me…
Well dear, this is all about being a minority. Living in a country (Israel) that has no winter or Christmas holiday, I have got nothing else to do but to keep sailing under this beautiful sun on the perfect blue of the Mediterranean …
And don't tell me you have no such fears as mine even if you are not part of the minority!
A good advice given by Rachel is that those who do not follow the masses might stick out and actually get more attention for it. Think about it!
Good luck to you my TAFA friends!

The beautiful patchwork is by DEsignedBYDianeEvans who has an Etsy shop and who is also a TAFA member.

Mediterranean Delight 


  1. Why is it so complicated to resonate with the vital rythms of life and nature and be trusting that all we do with love will fruition in time? Perhaps, to feel happy needs us to block our ears and our eyes (like these chinese monkeys sculptures we can see on some vintage market! )to what seems to conduct the world, a world of fear where TAGS ares gods!

    Thanks for your close: It will be my motto!
    Yes it's all about being a minority, the minority of those who are doing what they enjoy most and remain quiet, trusty...

  2. Well said, Hagar! That photo of you is priceless...and makes me long for my wine dark Aegean Sea, now that I am back in Northern California. The barrage of red and green is everywhere, so I try to ignore it. Even in Istanbul, Baba Noel reigns at New Year - St Nicholas was born in Myra Turkey, you see. The world of marketing may revolve around US holidays, but that does not mean we have to pay attention. I love the idea of following our own artistic rhythms and those of Mother Nature. So enjoy the sea, sun and beauty of your country, while those of us north of you shiver in envy!

  3. Thank you so much dear friends!

  4. You are so sweet to post the photo of my piece -- I'm flattered beyond words! And I'm so envious looking at that picture of you in that sparkling blue water -- I'm longing for summer again! Enjoy it for the rest of us, won't you??


  5. My studio windows are all iced up as I read this and so I can't see much outside of this cold Canadian landscape. If I close my eyes I may be able to recall the first half of my life which I spent in the Southern hemisphere where December was filled with sandy beaches, roaring surf and hot sunny days. I must say though that I do enjoy the dramatic contrast in seasons and not sure if I would trade it for warm temps all the time.........but it is pretty hard sitting here in my ice house seeing you playing in the sun.
    Great article Hagar, thank-you:)


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