November 4, 2010

with a little help from my friends


I know I am a friendly type of person. I befriend easily and I do not feel like some people who claim that after a certain age people have no new friends. What are they talking about?
Since I have started my ETSY experience and joined TAFA group I found so many new and valuable friends. It might again be the question of sharing.  I always believed that sharing ones feelings, knowledge, experience and ideas bring back openness, inspiration, tools and warmness I would have never dreamed of. It is like having wings and fly rather than being glued to the earth.

One of my amazing friends who is not only very gifted but also wishes to share her experience and knowledge with other is Jean Carte of ETSY URBANBOTIQUE.

She has recently posted a list on her blog -The hand made life style I thought might be useful to each and every one of us titled Artists Invented ....Marketing in the Neighborhood!

Jean's posts are great fun to read, full of enthusiasm and contain her amazing life experience in marketing her handmade crafts. Don't miss it!!!

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