November 5, 2010

A Pageful of Craftgawker Submissions

Maybe I have a future in product photography! I now have a full page of photos in Craftgawker. Here is the link to my photo gallery Dharmakarmaarts Gallery. As you know, Craftgawker is a highly curated craft photography site and it is a challenge to take photos that are CG worthy. I take a lot of photos of my art ad craft items and whenever I find something that looks good I submit to Craftgawker. It is always a thrill when my photos get accepted. As of yesterday, I have a full page of accepted submisisons. Hopefully, the streak will continue.


  1. Congratulations, Indira!

    How long do they keep the photos there? Indefinitely or do they delete them at some point?

  2. well done, Indira & congratulations - that's quite a feat & I take my hat off to you with much applause

  3. Congratulations Indira! I think all of us know how difficult it is to get good pictures! Bravo!

  4. Well done, Indira! I did not know of this site - thanks for the link. Taking great photos is on my list of things to master soon. ;-D Kudos to you for your accomplishment.


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