November 10, 2010

Etsy's New Portal for Teams Now Live!

Etsy has been able to grow into a vibrant international community because it is just that: a community.  I have a long list of seller tools that I would like to see them implement (they are not the best retailers in the world), but I have no complaints about their community building skills.  In fact, I applaud them and it is why I have chosen to stick with them over eBay or other online markets.  

Early on, Etsy created a place on its site for sellers to band together under common themes or locations.  They called them Teams and gave space on their site for the Teams to have visibility and often promote them in their updates and mailings.  When we decided to organize TAFA members into a team, Etsy was in the middle of a complete restructuring of the process so that we never had an official place on the site.  Until yesterday.  We were able to set up our new home and our members have been making their way over there:  TAFA Team on Etsy

This will make it easy for buyers and sellers to find us there and to look through our members.  We will be able to find each other easily.  It will also drive new people to our TAFA site.  I have a feeling many new opportunities will come out of this, but we will have to learn how we can make the best use of our place there.  For now, we invite you to come and visit.  While you are there, you can also take a look at other Etsy Teams.  There is no directory yet, so you have to search the teams with keywords.  If you are after textiles, fiber art and related products, then you don't have to search much because you already found the best:  Our TAFA Team!!!

Heh, heh.  I have become a cheerleader in my old age!  Go TAFA, go!!

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