April 2, 2011

Learn with Susan Sorrell, The Creative Chick

"Teacup Bulldog" by The Creative Chick

TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Arts List grew out of a group that I had formed on Ning, a platform that hosts independent groups who organize themselves around a theme.  I had been looking for a community that was interested in the international side of fiber arts and textiles and when I couldn't find it, I started a group called "Fiber Focus" on Ning.  Through that and as I kept learning about social media, I kept bumping into The Creative Chick (Susan Sorrell).  She joined my group and I joined hers, Fiber Arts/Mixed Media.  Once I launched TAFA, I realized that I would not be able to lead Fiber Focus anymore, so I closed it down.  And, I have also not had the time to get involved on Fiber Arts/Mixed Media, also known as FAMM.

BUT, Susan is a diva of knowledge and if you are looking to learn more about how to network, learn, teach, then you need to connect with Susan and FAMM.  I am serious...  whenever I go check out a site that is art or social media related, there she is, burning the paths ahead of me.  I know a lot and she knows way more!

The Creative Chick will help you focus on your art.

Connect and Share
If you are looking for a creative community that focuses on edgy and innovative interpretations of fiber art and mixed media, join her group on Ning.  You will meet other artists and see many, many techniques explored in great ways.

Learn and Teach

Susan teaches several different workshops that zoom in on creativity, embroidery techniques, color and other topics.  See a list of her classes here.  She has also encouraged FAMM members to teach and Spring classes have just been announced.  If you are interested in also teaching and have never taught an online class, Susan suggests taking a class from someone else first so that you understand the process.

The Creative Chick is also a TAFA Member!  See her Member Profile here.  If you are looking for a creativity boost, do check her out.  She is contagious!  And, if you are a member of FAMM or have taken one of her classes, share your experience here with us. 

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