April 26, 2011

TAMMACHAT in Paducah

We're very  happy to be part of TAFA and love, love, love the textile art of other members. The TAFA Market in Paducah, Kentucky will be a very special place to see, in person, the variety of fibre art made, collected or fairly traded by TAFA members.

Although we're unable to be part of this market in person, TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles is supporting TAFA by being part of the "postcard drop." Colourful postcards will introduce TAFA and some of its members to the public throughout the quilt festival and town.

Meanwhile, back at home in rural Canada, it's tagging day for us. Just before Easter weekend, our postal delivery person dropped off a box, shipped by sea from Thailand. Box #2 from Kumpor Eco, a worker-owned co-operative in the north of Thailand.

We're excited to work with this dyeing, weaving and tailoring co-op. On our latest 4-month trip in Thailand and Laos, where we work with women's weaving groups, we visited their office and workshop north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Most of the sewers work at home, supported by HomeNet Thailand, a Thai NGO that advocates for the rights of home-based workers (mostly women). Six sewing machines are available at the workshop for those who do not have their own machines or who prefer to work side-by-side with other women.

I can't wait to unpack the box, so I open it in my kitchen. Out come jackets, poncho tops and smock shirts in 3 colours each! Beautifully tailored and coloured with certified low-impact dyes, Kumpor has received a "Green Product" certification from the Thai government. For more about TAMMACHAT and our fair trade social enterprise, please visit www.tammachat.com. You can find handwoven, naturally dyed silk and organic cotton fabrics in our Etsy shop.

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  1. Ellen, you would love being here! I'll have to save some of the postcards for you so that you can send them out. They came out beautifully!

    Looks like people are wanting our TAFA Market to be a yearly event. We need to figure out how to make it viable for you Canadians to come and participate!

    I'll take lots of pictures and know that you are here in spirit!


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