April 28, 2011

TAFA Team Etsy Pick of the Week: Turquoise and Linen Lariat

This week's Etsy pick might seem a bit surprising as this is a textile based group, and clearly this necklace, while beautiful, isn't a textile, right?  Well, take a closer look!  Susan Shinnick out of Iowa City, Iowa, created this lariat style necklace out of turquoise and crocheted linen

Turquoise and Linen Lariat Necklace by Susan Shinnick
You can read more about her and see more of her work, including her many hand-printed fabrics and for home and wear, by visiting her on the TAFA List, her website, or on her Etsy site

*Etsy Pick of the Week feature by Stacey Sharman from Peppermint Pinwheels.  Every Thursday, we will post one item from a TAFA Team affiliated Etsy store. In choosing a Team member photo, we will be looking for beautiful, Etsy Front Page worthy photos.

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