March 4, 2011

Affordable Original Art-AND I’LL PROVE IT!!!-Asian Art And Quilts-Barbara Harms

I live in Oregon, home to hippies, yuppies, up and coming professionals, many well to do , artisans, and yes, many of us regular middle class folks. There is a great cultural scene here. Much diversity from Portland to Eugene and every city in between. With all the different lifestyles, most of those folks have at least one thing in common. They appreciate original artwork and one of a kind objects of desire. And who wouldn't? You have an original one of a kind item on the one hand and on the other hand a print or copy with a zillion others just like it flooding the market/ Which would you choose if money was not a factor? Most people would prefer the original. But, the biggest reason why many don't even consider buying original artwork is the perception that it is very expensive and out of their reach .

But I have a news flash for you, a lot of original art work is more affordable than you imagine. To prove my point - a little comparison online shopping.

First up are some framed prints from a couple of popular stores.

A framed print costing $179.00 from Target.where there were limited choices vs huge number of original art available at this price.

Bed Bath and Beyond had a print on stretched canvas frame selling for $99 , and another example for $219. Wouldn't it be money better spent on a wonderful, unique creation? How about...

Work from team TAFA members!
Betty Busby, an acclaimed artist, has several beautiful pieces starting for around $120.00, and there are dozens upon dozens of other great artists selling comparatively priced works, beautifully designed and executed. Click to see just a few including: Terry Aske - Diane McGregor - myself Barbara Harms or check our artist members who sell their work on or their own websites.

Am I making my point? I could go on and on, but you get the idea; why buy prints for roughly the same price as original works of art? Your choice, but if you can afford to buy an art print at a dept. store, you can afford original art for same output of deniro! Original art collector? Yes, you can!

I love sharing my thoughts and art on my own blog, and have written further on this subject and others. Please click over to read more.

Submitted by Barbara Harms/AsianArtAndQuilts

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