March 13, 2011

Idea Cupcakes

Truth be told, there's really nothing new under the sun.

Without thinking too hard, it's probably easy to guess the origins of this piece:

Persons of Interest, Susan M. Hinckley,  2006, Collection of J. Greening

Do you see it?

Well, while exercising on the elliptical one day (sweating like a pig), suddenly The Brady Bunch came on TV. Ahhh, now  you can easily see how "Persons of Interest" was born.

 The secret of creativity is knowing 
how to hide your sources.

-- Albert Einstein

And then there are occasional cases of flat-out stealing ideas,
(which everyone does whether intentionally or not).

I save lots of things that I like, and put them in files or on the fridge or on my bulletin boards in hopes that a little bit of wonderfulness will rub off on my creations.

...if we had to think up everything from scratch,
we wouldn't get a whole lot done, would we?

Scratch cake is great when you have time, but thank goodness for cake mixes because they taste great and they're easy and economical too.

... to make good things, you have to make a lot of things (think of them as idea cupcakes).

And the way to have a lot of good ideas is to have a lot of all kinds of ideas and then throw the not-so-good ones away.

So feel free to beg, borrow and steal.
Take someone's idea and stretch it in your own new direction.

(I don't think the Brady Bunch will even mind 
when they find out what I've done.)

 Susan M. Hinckley
Small Works in Wool

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