March 28, 2011

Lisa Call -Investigating Boundaries

The title of one of Lisa's ‘08 exhibitions, "Investigating Boundaries" seemed a good title for this post. It is 2011 and Lisa Call continues to investigate the boundaries, her work is expanding the boundaries between traditional quilting and art.  Enjoy the observations and insights of Lisa Call.

1-  What led to your choice of fiber as the creative medium for your art?
I came to making art at time when I was making traditional quilts. They naturally fell together. I have explored other mediums but they don’t provide the same tactile experience that fabric does – direct manipulation of the materials with my hands. I miss the hands-on process when painting or drawing. It just doesn’t feel the same. I also think fabric is much more flexible and versatile than many other choices, something I appreciate. I use exclusively 100% cotton woven fabric and love the inherent grid in the woven structure of the material. It appeals to me on a basic level that I can’t necessarily explain, it just feels right..
2-  Are there any contemporary quilters or quilt artists that you specifically admire?
Nancy Crow, Sue Benner, Deidre Adams
3- How has the recognition and acclaim effected you as an artist?
My successes have given me confidence, which allows me to trust myself more. Paradoxically, the more recognition I receive, the less I look for and need it. Although I am always honored and humbled when I do receive acclaim. I find that more and more, inner strength is what fuels me, but that inner strength was build upon previous accomplishments.
4-  How have you handled the business side of your career?
I'm very focused and take it seriously. I created systems to keep it running smoothly. I write about the business of being an artists on
5-  How would you describe your quilting style?
Abstract contemporary textile paintings. I strive for simplicity and spareness.
6-  Describe yourself in 5 words.
Creative, Focused, Dedicated, Quiet, Caring

To read the full interview go to my blog.

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