March 24, 2011

TAFA Team Etsy Pick of the Week: Handmade Felted Flower Bouquet by IngerMaaike

I don't know about the weather where you are, but here in Northern California, I'm ready to see a little spring sunshine. Since the world and the weather have been doing their best to be darn depressing, I was looking for a little bit of simple and pretty for this week's TAFA Team Etsy pick.  And, what do you know, a couple of clicks through the TAFA Team on Etsy shops, and I found just what I wanted.
Handmade Felted Flower Bouquet by IngerMaaike
These beautiful hand felted flowers are made by IngerMaaike in SørFron, Oppland, Norway.  They are so fresh and fragile looking.  Just what I think of when I think about the first flowers of spring.

You can read more about IngerMaaike and see her other felted clothing, scarves and home accessories on the TAFA List, or on her Etsy site

*Etsy Pick of the Week feature by Stacey Sharman from Peppermint Pinwheels.  Every Thursday, we will post one item from a TAFA Team affiliated Etsy store. In choosing a Team member photo, we will be looking for beautiful, Etsy Front Page worthy photos.


  1. Oh wow thank you so very much, yes I too long for some spring. Spent a good deal of the day chopping away slippery ice around the house so we do not slip upon leaving or entering the house :)

  2. Wow! Those are stunning! They look like real flowers! I had not seen them before and you did a beautiful job, Inger!


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