March 16, 2011

Give People Reasons To Buy Art-

posted by Asian Art And Quilts

I spend a lot of time contemplating who buys what I’m selling and why.

As a fiber artist, one of the biggest reasons my customers tell they are looking to purchase art is for redecorating.

They may ask questions like; Why spend money on artwork? Can I afford it? Does artwork make that much of an impact on the design? By providing answers to these questions we help 'the art buyer' and create a customer.  

Here’s some reasons why choosing art for interior design is key.

-Art work injects personality into the interior design.

-Art work may be used as a strong and enticing focal point for a room.

-Art work gives a home a unique individual touch.

-Art can be the inspiration for the room’s color palette, and inspire other elements such as texture and lighting.

-The addition of art work can pull a whole design scheme together . It’s the icing on the cake. It’s like having your shoes match your outfit. With out it, a room just doesn’t look finished .

With these ideas in mind, lets get the word out! After all; there is so much amazing work to choose from on the TAFA team!

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