March 26, 2011

Our TAFA Group on Flickr: A Great Place to Visit!

One of the things I encourage TAFA members to do is to have a presence of Flickr.  Have you ever gone there to look for inspiration, new ideas, images to support a blog post?  Well, it is one of the best places to find great photos and to meet new people who may share some of your interests.

A key thing to do when you set up your images on Flickr is to use good tags so that people will find your images.  Those tags will show up on searches and they can be organized in themed slide shows.  Once you have an account, you can also join groups that have those themes that interest you.  Our TAFA group now has 87 members submitting images to our pool, totaling 859 items!  Who knows how many we will have in a year?  The slide show above pulls in images that have been tagged with "Etsy".  But, you could also use shibori, quilt, felt, etc as key words and come up with different sets of images each time.

These slide shows can be posted anywhere where html is accepted, blogs or websites.  And, many of the social media sites have apps where flickr images can also be shown.  You can save images that you like as favorites, make people that you like your contacts, and use the slide shows and apps in creative ways.  If you ever use someone else's image in a blog post, make sure that you ask them for permission first.  It's a big no-no and a copyright violation to use these photos without crediting the owner and without their knowledge. 

Come visit our TAFA Group on Flickr!  Network with our members and get to know them.  You will certainly enjoy their talent and absolutely wonderful explorations in the world of textiles and fiber art!

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