March 14, 2011

Is customer service really dead?

posted by Barbara Harms AsianArtAndQuilts

For many fiber artists and quilters your sewing machine is an important tool, so I want to share my recent experience with a local business where I had purchased my sewing machine, a Viking Sapphire.

With so many stories of nightmarish service after the sale, I think a good experience is worth sharing.

After having my Viking Sapphire for almost 2 years, and its problems from the get go I took it back to the shop. I had had it with this machine and really wanted something else-another brand. I was prepared for a battle, had my game face on & ironlike resolve, “I wanted satisfaction! I expected the big brush off or run around. Isn't that the kind of service we have come to expect of most businesses these day?

But instead of a battle, where I anticipated a need from me to rant or rave, shout, cry, jump up and down, turn red, you know all the things people are usually forced to do to get any customer satisfaction--the unexpected happened -- the owner dealt with us personally, and I was given full credit for what I paid for my machine 2 years ago.

He said that he would be happy to replace my machine with a new comparable Viking’s machine. He felt Vikings were good machines, but if I had lost confidence in the company, he would be happy to give me full value of what I paid, towards any machine I chose.!! and, as if that wasn't enough, he replaced accessories and threw in an extended 3 year warranty to boot on my new machine, too.

Finding this kind of service, after the sale, is unbelievable in this time of self-serve & no customer service.

And, ME!  I am loving my NEW Janome Horizon. -- After all, when you think about it, this is good business practice, cause when I go to purchase a long arm, where do you think I’m going to go?
Check my blog for the low down on the Horizon.


  1. Im glad you had a good experience with this salesperson/store owner. I have been using the Viking Sapphire for four years now and have been very happy with it. The only problem I've encountered has been it's occasional balking at using glittery threads (I forget what they are really called)...but at times it even does that! ;-)) I went from the low end of the Viking line to this machine in a matter of months when I decided to make art quilts in the summer of 2007...and it's hardly cooled since!

  2. That's wonderful, I really loved my Viking til the problems started.
    It's quality of stitches was
    superior to any other machine I've had.
    Maybe I just got a fluke, a lemon.


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