March 19, 2011

Etsy Tips on Photographing Your Product

Those of us who sell online depend on our photos to showcase our products to potential customers.  The importance of having good, if not great, photos cannot be emphasized enough.  A photo should be so good that you can imagine touching it, wearing it, displaying it, and owning it.

Danielle, who often puts together great tips for Etsy sellers, brings together a list of great resources on photography in this guide.   There are tips on what camera to buy, how to prop your product, lighting, and so on.  The links take you to Etsy forum tips and outside sites.  Even veteran photographers can use a refresher and see if there are any fresh ideas that can be explored.

One of Etsy's strengths is its dedication in providing tools for its shop owners to succeed.  They have consistently offered tips, tutorials and advice on a myriad of topics related to owning a shop.  Even if you do not have a shop, you can take advantage of these photo tips for your own projects: blogging, family photos, etc.

Do you have any photo tips to share?  
What tricks do you use to have great results?

Are you frustrated with your photos?  
What is the hardest part for you?  

Perhaps we can do a little problem solving and tip sharing of our own right here!  Leave a comment and make sure to sign up for email responses to this post if you would like to follow a discussion on photography.

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  1. I read on one of those great references that you refereed to, a really excellent tip for editing using Photo Shop. When editing your photo, pick the editing category "Enhance". Then click on "unsharp mask". Play around with the adjustments, to see what looks good to you. It makes a real difference. Also increasing the contrast helps as well.


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